Spartan Group exclusive BAMTEC® Partner in Texas

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Spartan to offer the most advanced reinforcement solutions on the market.

Spartan Group is delighted to announce an exclusive partnership with European-based reinforcement technology company BAMTEC®. The exclusive partnership allows Spartan to utilize BAMTEC’s highly automated process of planning, production, and installation of prefabricated and customized reinforcement carpets.

Spartan will begin to utilize BAMTEC’s technology in Texas in the second half of 2023. According to Spartan COO Craig Wallace, “BAMTEC’s innovative solution allows us to couple our engineering expertise with our extensive construction and supply chain resources. With BAMTEC®, Spartan will provide its customers across multiple markets a higher quality product, reduced installation time, lower project risk, and overall safety improvement in the handling and installation of reinforcing steel.”

Spartan will operate a fully automated BAMTEC® Evolution Twin MMR. This plant will allow Spartan Group to design and produce prefabricated and customized rebar carpets that can process bars from #3 to #11, making it the most flexible solution on the market. Bars up to #6 are automatically processed from coil or spool, resulting in a high degree of material efficiency. The maximum bar length is 60 ft. This will make it the largest BAMTEC® line ever.

“We believe that our partnership with BAMTEC® will advance reinforcing steel fabrication and installation into the future as we continue to explore new ways to address the many challenges faced with supply chain disruptions and skilled labor shortages.”

— Craig Wallace, COO, Spartan Group