About Us

Convinced that there is a better way to do business in the concrete reinforcing industry, Adrian Cano founded the Spartan Group’s cornerstone company, Spartan Reinforcing, in 2017. His belief immediately attracted an experienced team of like-minded construction experts. Under their bold leadership, the company grew rapidly. Today, the Spartan Group consists of Spartan Reinforcing and several other Spartan brand companies that provide a better way of doing business in professional engineering, construction, and supply chain services.

“Spartan’s mission is to glorify God and enrich lives as we provide the inner strength that projects need. Our brand is Dependable Inner Strength. When Spartan talks about Dependable Inner Strength, it not only references the strength of the products and services we deliver, but it also defines the character of the people who deliver them. “

– Adrian Cano, President

Spartan Group’s SR7 core values flow outward into every aspect of Spartan’s operations. Spartan Group employees know and believe what SR7 provides them.

A Better Way to Work
A Better Company to Work For
A Better Life at Work & Home
A Better Approach to Safety

Our Mission & Core Values:

To glorify God and enrich lives as we provide the inner strength that projects need.

Every aspect of Spartan’s operation is rooted in 7 biblical Core Values — called SR7 — that are closely held by its owner and managers. The employee behaviors that flow from these values are a measured part of Spartan’s performance management criteria.

  • Servanthood: Exhibiting a servant’s respect for authority.
  • Strength: Unfailing dedication to getting the job done.
  • Courage: Boldly improving people and processes.
  • Care: Acting upon the belief that people are job #1.
  • Team: Working sacrificially, as if the last will be first and the first will be last.
  • Integrity: Building a personal framework of trustworthiness.
  • Gratitude: Joyfully working as one who is redeemed.

The character and life skills that Spartan employees develop are considered to be a vital part of Spartan’s success. Spartan Group holds MBE, SBE, DBE, and HUB certifications.