At Spartan Group, we believe that strong leadership is a cornerstone of our success. We take pride having built a team of industry professionals that have demonstrated innovation and passion for their areas of expertise and live our core values. These leaders operate at the highest levels and through their guidance, pave the way for others within the organization to reach our shared goals and constantly deliver excellence.

Adrian Cano

Founder & CEO, Spartan Group Holdings

Adrian is a 30-year professional in the reinforcing steel industry. His experience includes extensive knowledge of steel manufacturing and distribution. Prior to starting Spartan in 2017, Adrian was involved in the management, sale, and distribution of rebar for various companies. As an exceptional leader, he managed a small business team that reached annual revenues in excess of $130MM. Adrian is adept at multimillion-dollar business transactions in more than 12 countries.

Under Adrian’s direction, Spartan has quickly grown from a small rebar installation company to a fully integrated engineering, construction, and supply chain business.

Education and Certifications

BS, Mechanical Engineering New Mexico State University

Craig Wallace

COO, Spartan Group Holdings

Craig is an industry executive with more than 40 years’ experience. Prior to joining Spartan in 2018, he led teams of professionals across North America in providing engineering, design, logistics, constructability analysis, modeling, material handling, fabrication, and safety/risk management services.

Craig’s exceptional leadership ability has earned him the reputation for creating safe work environments, mitigating construction risks, delivering projects ahead of schedule, and producing quality results. Most notably, he was among the leaders of The Phoenix Project, a construction team that rebuilt the Pentagon in a remarkably short period after the 9-11 terror attacks.

Education and Certifications

BS, Accounting University of Maryland College Park

Chet Deaver

CPO (Chief People Officer), Spartan Group Holdings

Dr. Chet Deaver is a devoted educator and organizational leader with 16 years of career excellence. He has a history of working to bring quality change to challenging academic situations and settings. Dr. Deaver’s key strength is in team-building pursuits that deliver measurable progress in employee performance objectives. He is an excellent communicator who is proficient in research-based instruction and mentoring exercises with employees and leadership.

Dr. Deaver considers himself to be a lifelong learner who understands that an education is the single most powerful and important thing we can have and pass on to our children.

Education and Certifications

Ed.D., Educational Leadership Lamar University

Carl Deaver

COO, Spartan Construction

Carl is an industry executive with more than 35 years’ experience in the commercial construction industry. He joined Spartan in 2022 after serving as a division manager of the nation’s third-largest commercial concrete contractor.

Carl is a treasured rarity in today’s construction industry: a senior executive with valuable experience in “working his tools” as a laborer. Starting as a union journeyman in the metal stud drywall business, his experience grew to include trucking, pumping, batch plant, and structural facets of the commercial concrete market. He also owned a commercial concrete company.

Beyond his vast experience, Carl says the most personally rewarding aspect of his work is the extensive network of personal and professional relationships that he has been blessed to develop.

Education and Certifications

Diploma & General Studies Brazos High School (Wallis, TX) & Wharton County (TX) JC